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Holland & Faraday Associate Ltd Specialise in Financial Consultancy for Businesses who find themselves in difficulty and begining to make a loss rather than a healthy profit. We provide a tailored and specialed personal service to help your business not only recover but become profitable.We know this is a very complex matter, before we talk about the solutions we need to understand your business and your needs, so we will organise an initial visit with a Business Analyst for a GAP ANALYSIS VISIT, for a one off fee of £750.00 for our European Clients.

Following your Gap Analysis visit your Analyst will provide you with a tailored FINANCIAL ACTION PLAN Highlighting your Businesses strengths and weaknesses, which can be an eye opener in itself and a very useful tool, at this point you are under no further obligation to proceed with our FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY PACKAGE

However if you are happy to proceed to implement our approved plan of action you will be assigned a PERSONAL FINANCIAL CONSULTANT who will work closely with you to implement effective corrective measures and direction to bring your company out of tangled situations.

We will aid you in your Business Plan and in its effective implementation into your business and tell you exactly how much you can spend or invest each month. This is exactly what matters to lenders when you ask them to plan your financial boost! We will work beside you during negotiations for a professional and profitable approach.

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